Postal 2


  • Echo returns home to flee with his girlfriend.
  • The Constrictor arrives before they can leave, and Echo faces off with him.
  • Echo and Gina receive yet another house guest.


&nbsp Echo DeMille arrives home, and searches his house for his girlfriend Gina. He find her in the bedroom, and Gina tells him he's late. She tries to make out with him as he explains that he thinks he killed a guy, that he has an ability, and that they need to leave as soon as possible. Gina agrees to leave with him.

As Gina gets ready in the other room, Echo searches the bedroom drawers and locates a couple earplugs. He then notices the front door is ajar. Suspecting an uninvited house guest, he picks up a guitar and walks into another room to find their house cat. Echo continues into the living room and finds Gina being held by the Constrictor. Echo next uses his ability to free Gina, and then grabs the Constrictor by the throat and focuses sound waves into the Constrictor's ear, killing him. Afterwards, Echo walks over and embraces Gina. Echo and Gina then both stare towards the front door as someone knocks on it three times.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Baby, wait."

"You know that I hate waiting."

- Echo, Gina

"Okay, please. Just let her go."

"Why would I let her go? I was just getting to the fun part."

- Echo, The Constrictor