The Graphic Novel:Going Postal was produced similarly to the content for the main series.

While walking down a Los Angeles street, Echo DeMille reads a letter and recalls how his girlfriend thought his ability was cool, and how he used it to harm several Company agents. Echo arrives at the café on Newburry, where he arranged to rendezvous with Gina when she fled their home. While hiding behind some bushes, Echo spots a couple Company agents watching Gina, so he signals for her to leave by mimicking their favorite song from their backpacking voyage through Thailand. After Gina leaves, Echo prevents the agents from following her by giving them an urgent need to go to the bathroom. One of the agents spills his coffee in the rush to get up and go.

Thirteen weeks later, Echo travels to his family's cabin on Lake Arrowhead, where he had arranged with Gina to eventually meet up. He thinks he spots Gina on the sitting at the edge of the pier, rushes to embrace her and gives her a kiss. However, he then realizes it's not Gina that he kissed, and uses his ability to render her unconscious and reveal her true appearance. Then, two Company agents in black suits come charging at him, and Echo dispatches them with the same type of sonic blast. Echo then faces off with Elle Bishop, who just misses him with a lightning blast. He is able to even take down Elle by absorbing her electrical energy and converting it into a super-sized sound blast. However, one agent is unaffected by Echo's ability, no matter how he uses it, and is able to capture Echo.

Later, in Echo's Level 5 cell, the agent that took him down visits Echo. An interpreter translates a sign language from the agent, telling Echo that the Company recruited him especially to take Echo down, as his special ability is that his "body absorbs all sound." Echo, however, hasn't given up, and promises himself to "go postal" when he gets out.

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