I Kissed a Vampire is a vampire rock musical web series starring Lucas Grabeel, Drew Seeley, and introducing Adrian Slade. It was one of the most popular webseries ever to appear on iTunes and has been made into a two hour movie featuring 17 songs. The movie will premiere later this year. The music is written by Frankie Blue, lyrics by Blue and Chris Sean Nolan, and the script is by Laurie Nolan and Nolan.

Act 1

Dylan is crazy about his neighbor Sara but when he starts developing fangs and a thirst for O positive he’s terrified that if he kisses her he won’t be able to stop himself from drinking her blood and draining her dry.

Act 2

Sexy vampire Trey wants a reluctant Dylan to take a bite out of his new life and “go for the throat”, but when Dylan refuses Trey mesmerizes Sara into going to a killer vampire party with him.

Act 3

Dylan starts to kiss a willing Sara but pulls away just in time; frustrated, Sara turns to Trey and falls under his seductive spell while his dancing vampire harem holds Dylan back.