Judas Goat, is a mini-series delving into the darker side of urban myth - a world of monsters through the eyes of their servants. It follows the lives of humans and vampires in a city filled with desperate hopes and twisted sociopaths roaming the nights. Season 1 of Judas Goat follows Mike, a servant caught in the shadow war between the undead, luring people to be murdered by his vampire master Gerard.

After winning the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards '14 for its Cinematography, the first episode aired on Halloween 2014. It was released via Judas Goat's official website and the Vimeo channel with reach webisode between 6-12 minutes long.

Judas Goat was written and directed by Pavel Shepan and produced by Bianca Herold with the Executive Producers Dhaunae de Vir and Grigori Vaklos from V20 Europe.

The series is outlined for further 3 seasons.


Judas Goat Trailer

Judas Goat Trailer


Mike isn't a serial killer. His life was shattered to pieces when he was enslaved by a bloodthirsty horror. Now he finds them, lures them in and there's always a short scream right before the creature rips their throats out. It's the only way...

Lisa has been following Mike long enough. She knows the nature of his task all too well - now the time has come...

When the two meet, their paths twist and tangle, spiraling together towards a violent end.


Judas Goat - Episode 1 'Hungry'

Judas Goat - Episode 1 'Hungry'

Episode I 'Hungry'

Mike is tasked with bringing a fresh victim for Gerard, the scarred vampire who enslaved him.

Episode II 'The Hand That Feeds'

Judas Goat - Episode 2 'The Hand That Feeds'

Judas Goat - Episode 2 'The Hand That Feeds'

Sebastian, the vampire who tried to assassinate Gerard is admonished for his failure. When disposing of the body, Mike gets stabbed in an ensuing confrontation. Wounded and bleeding he faces Lisa - the woman who's been following him recently.

Episode III 'Under The Gun'

Judas Goat - Episode 3 'Under the Gun'

Judas Goat - Episode 3 'Under the Gun'

Mike relives the tragedy of his past. Upon waking up, he discovers the healing properties of vampires' blood. Lisa offers her help, though her real intentions are questionable.

Episode IV 'Twist in My Sobriety'

Judas Goat - Episode 4 'Twist in my Sobriety'

Judas Goat - Episode 4 'Twist in my Sobriety'

While Mike is tied down for his own safety, Lisa tries to negotiate a solution with Sebastian. She then goes to kill Gerard, the scarred vampire, on her own.

Episode V 'I'm Your's, You're Mine'

Judas Goat - Episode 5 'I'm Yours, You're Mine'

Judas Goat - Episode 5 'I'm Yours, You're Mine'

Having arrived at his basement, Mike confronts Gerard but is overpowered by his blood addiction. Lisa's secret is revealed.


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LISA | Susanne Wuest

MIKE | Guy Evans

GERARD | Donald Morgan

SEBASTIAN | Magnus Sinding

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 23.55.30

JULIA | Kitty Colquhoun

ELDER | Lauren Lamarr

ALEISTER | Steven Wren

PET | Behm Macrae

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 23.55.40

CARL | John Guilor

CINDY | Bernadette Lemon

THUG | Robert Maloney

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 23.55.55
Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 23.56.06