Pinehearst Company is a fictional company featured in the web series: The Recruit and the tv series Heroes.

Pinehearst Company was a biotechnology company with connections to evolved humans. While in existence, the company's headquarters were located in Fort Lee, NJ. According to their site, Pinehearst Company is working on becoming one of the nation's leading biotechnology companies through their products of superior quality and innovative methods. They hope to help build the future with their products in the fields of medicine, science, and technology. Current projects include the Energy Initiatives to study climate change and energy consumption, and the Biotech Training Program, focused on enhancing the nation's biotechnology industry.

Notable Residents

  • Arthur Petrelli (deceased)

Notable Employees

  • Adam, a Pinehearst genetics scientist
  • Baxter, a Pinehearst genetics scientist
  • Flint Gordon Jr. (resigned)
  • Future Claire
  • Future Haitian
  • Carla Klaus
  • Knox (resigned, deceased)
  • Dr. Livitz (deceased)
  • Daphne Millbrook (resigned, deceased)
  • Maury Parkman (deceased)
  • Arthur Petrelli (deceased)
  • Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
  • A platoon of military soldiers including:
  • Ryan Hanover (deceased)
  • Rachel Mills
  • Scott (deceased)
  • David Sullivan (deceased)
  • Tracy Strauss (former consultant)
  • Mohinder Suresh (resigned)
  • A technician that monitors video feeds
  • Priscilla Van Cleef

Notable Visitors

  • Anna Korolenko
  • Elle Bishop (deceased)
  • Elephant man (deceased)
  • Maya Herrera
  • Adam Monroe (deceased)
  • Peter Petrelli
  • Ricardo Silva
  • Sylar
  • Taxi cab driver