Primatech Paper Company - A Branch of The Company

Primatech Paper Company (also known as the Primatech) was a branch of The Company located in Odessa, Texas. In the 1970s it was considered more secure than Primatech Research as after Monroe attempted to steal Strain 138 it was moved to Odessa. This branch operates as a front as well as employing agents and civillians.

Prior to the formation of The Company in the 1970s the survivors of Project Icarus purchased Primatech Paper Company in 1963 and founded other Primatech organisations. In the 1970s the organsisation was absorbed into The Company that used the cover name "Primatech". Primatech Paper Company allowed: Angela, Charles, Bob, and Daniel to recruit the other founders and investigate Evolved Human's, so they can keep there promise that they would form a company to protect people like them — people with abilities and the events of Coyote Sands would never happen again.

After The Four purchased Primatech Paper they leased a loft at a warehouse that would become the first Primatech Headquarters. The site would later be abandoned and become Isaac Mendez's Apartment. After the death of Isaac Mendez The Company purchases the site and names it: Reed Street Laboratories.

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