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The Resistance started off as a low budget web series “The Resistance” in the form of 4 short online teasers featured on Youtube. Before filming the actual web show, the series was picked up by Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures and Starz Media, after executives at Starz and Ghost House viewed "The Resistance" teasers online.

The Resistance is set in a world where brilliant chemist Syrus Primoris (Adrian Zaw) has taken control in the wake of a devastating plague virus that has killed 99% of the population. Only Primoris’ suppressant, called Noxe, keeps the survivors from succumbing to the plague. One group opposes his regime and fights to find another cure.

The web show aired on October 4, 2010, on the SyFy channel as a one hour television pilot along with being released in its original 8 episodic form on iTunes, Xbox Live, and the Playstation Network, and Dailymotion. "The Resistance" is directed and created by Adrian Picardi, executive produced by Ben Ketai, Scott Bayless, Scott Rogers, with producers Aaron Lam, Eric Ro, and Associate Producer Don Le.The series is produced by Starz Media, Ghost House Pictures, and Northern Five Entertainment. The pilot will be the first time a series created originally for the web will premiere on television